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Booking step by step:

  • Insert day and month of your arrival
  • * Number of nights (two nights minimum occupancy)
  • Area (optional)
  • No. of persons (not including children under 2 years)
  • Rate (optional)

It shows a list of the available houses or on the region map.

The tab of each house informs us of services available, prices according to capacity and periods. Availability and geographical location.

* Summer reservations are usually for 7 nights (do a search from Saturday to Saturday, you'll get better results).

Booking requests:

Processed at the time:

  • Monday - Friday
  • Mornings: 9:00 to 14:00
  • Afternoons: 15:00 to 19:00

Ruralverd will contact you to confirm your booking.  If you have not answered the request of reservation is cancelled within 48 hours.

Booking Confirmation: RURALVERD sends by mail the BOOKING CONFIRMATION, with the personal details of the booking request, the house booked, period, booking amount and bank details where to make the advance payment 25% of the total about your booking.

Booking and payment receipt, when you receive the payment in advance, RURALVERD sends the RESERVE and PROOF OF PAYMENT by email (PDF attachment). In the reserve there all information, phone number and contact person to confirm the arrival time and delivery of keys, GPS data... The reservation must be presented the day of entry to the house.

Payment of the remaining amount, 75% will be paid directly to the house reserved. In some cases full payment of your booking is through RURALVERD. This information is indicated in the section on the payment of the remaining amount. Upon receipt of payment of the remaining amount, RURALVERD sends a new proof of booking and pay in full.

Tourism tax: Law 5/2012 Parliament of Catalonia / / law 5/2017 Parliament of Catalonia.

Not included in the price

  • Rural tourism houses and apartments 0,50 € / person / night.
  • Homes of tourist use, 1,00 EUR / person / night.

Excluded from the tax, people of equal or less than 16 years old.

In stays longer than 7 nights, the tax only applies to the first 7 nights.

Deposit: No deposit ask all the houses, if any, shall be indicated on the reservation.



Frequently Asked Question

The prices are per person or per house? 

Lodging in independent houses: The prices are per house completes at least two nights or a week and the number of people indicated on the booking of the House. This type of cases is rented entirely t single group in each reservation. If there are other houses on the estate, the external services can be shared. This information is specified in each house.

Lodging in rooms:
the indicated price is 2 nights, 2 persons in double room and for the indicated procedure: accommodation and breakfast, half board or full Board.

How many people can stay in each House?

The customer is obliged to inform to Ruralverd in the number of people who will be staying.

This number of people may not exceed never. Children under 2 years are not counted to calculate the number of people or their price, while not sleeping in bed.

No more people can be accommodated than those indicated in the RESERVATIONAny modifications must be notified in advance.

What is the minimum stay?

Minimum stay is 2 nights, but it may vary depending on the holidays of Easter and Christmas, where you can mark different nights minimum.

In summer, generally the minimum stay is 7 nights, with arrival on Saturday or Friday.

Can we bring our pet?

They can be in those homes where indicated on our website.

It is the obligation of the customer to control the animals at all times and not let get on the couches or beds, ... Customer shall be responsible for any damage caused by the pet.

The pets are not allowed on the swimming-pools. 


The price can vary according to season, to check the price of a stay click on the icon and select, month, day entry, departure day and number of people.

Tourism tax: Law 5/2012 Parliament of Catalonia / / law 5/2017 Parliament of Catalonia.

Not included in the price

  • Rural tourism houses and apartments 0,50 € / person / night.
  • Homes of tourist use, 1,00 EUR / person / night.

Excluded from the tax, people of equal or less than 16 years old.

In stays longer than 7 nights, the tax only applies to the first 7 nights.

When do I pay the rest of the reserve?

The remaining amount of the reservation must be made effective on the date of entry to the house.

In some cases Ruralverd manages the payment of the totality of the amount of the booking, this information you will be provided in the document RESERVE.


There are houses that have to pay a deposit, this information is in the reservation document.

What is the time of arrival and departure?

Arrival time is between 17.00 and 20.00 hours and the check out will be between 10 am and 12 am, to be confirmed with the owner.

Weekend stays, the output until late afternoon (17-18 h), provided they do not match the input of another client (in this case will be notified in advance). Each owner can have its own criteria by the deadline of entry and exit.

How will I get to the house?

In the reservation document is specified address, GPS coordinates and the telephone number and contact person who will assist them upon arrival.

Who will give me the keys?

In the reserve there is the phone number of the person who will attend to get home, you have to call 1 or 2 days before to confirm the time of arrival and key collection.

Who will see me if I need help or information during my stay?

In the houses you will find tourist information about the area, listing the most important phone numbers and the indications for use of the equipment. The owner will provide information of the nearest places for your purchases, trash bins and other information on services in the area.

If you consider that the accommodation or service contracted does not meet the requirements for a good use, you should contact as soon as possible with the owner or representative and RuralVerd, in order to be able to solve the problem or search solution or alternative.


Monday - Friday

  • Mornings: 9:00 to 14:00
  • Afternoon: 15:00 to 19:00
  • Holidays: Hotline (only arrivals, not queries): 34 649147402

Remember that you are in a rural setting. You can find some noises and smells coming from livestock farms and urban rare.

Do they include sheets and towels in the price?

There are sheets, towels and warm clothes for the beds. If exceptionally the accommodation does not provide these services, it will be stated on the website.

What equipment will find in the house?

The equipment varies depending on the House. The equipment of each House are indicated in the description of the web.

When the houses are cleaned?

The cleaning is done before the arrival of the client, who is responsible for your stay. On departure day, you have to leave the house in good condition and the agreed time.




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