El Bages, region located in the heart of Catalonia offers attractions such as Montserrat, Sant Llorenç de Munt and l'Obac, Manresa, St. Benet of Bages, Cardona ...

Located in the heart of Catalonia, Bages is a region full of contrasts interior. Its good communications with the rest of the territory allows us to enjoy its charms: its natural (mountain Montserrat Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac), an interesting architectural heritage (Castle and Castle Balsareny Cardona, St. Benet's Bages, etc), their cities and villages (Manresa, Suria, St. Fruitós Bages, Sallent, Navarcles, etc.), the salt mines, the traditional festivals ...

Environmental tourism resources:

Minas de Sal de Cardona: In mines, visitors will descend up to 86 metres below ground, where you will discover the natural heritage, history and the way of working of these salt mines, one of the most outstanding in Europe until the end of the 1990s.

Montserrat Mountain: This mountain rises to a height of 1236 meters right Llobregat River, one of the most important and emblematic mountains of Catalonia. It has a very peculiar and sharp relief, with huge walls and rounded blocks. A 725 m find the Monastery of Montserrat. It is a natural setting ideal for climbing and hiking.

Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac: declared over thirty years ago Natural Park, the first in Spain. This park has a unique landscape where the colors and contrast different types of vegetation. You can take guided tours and activities such as climbing, hiking to the various natural springs and caves. The highest mountain massif is crowned with the Mola interesting Romanesque monastery of Sant Llorenç de Munt.

Cultural Resources:

Cardona Castle: Situated at the end of a hill with superb views over the city and the lands bathed by the river Cardener, this castle built in the ninth century is one of the medieval fortresses of Romanesque and Gothic most important in Catalonia.

Monastery of Montserrat: located in the mountain of Montserrat, this Benedictine monastery is a symbol of Catalonia. Here we find "the Moreneta" virgin of Catalonia, Choir of Montserrat, one of the choirs with more history of Europe, as a museum, library and permanent collections preserving a wealth of artistic and cultural heritage.

Monastery of St. Benet of Bages: this is a Benedictine monastery founded in the tenth century, a few miles from St. Fruitós of Bages, medieval architecture and surrounded by a beautiful natural environment. This was renovated by Josep Puig twentieth century opened in 2007 after a great investment.


Traditional Festivals:

Caramelles: Sunday and Monday for Easter is celebrated in different towns and municipalities in the district this popular festival of traditional religious themes which are sung and danced traditional dances of the region.

Medieval Fair of Súria: In mid-November is celebrated in Suria, a medieval festival where visitors can see the old town at its most authentic and splendor of that era. Find Craftsmen since disappeared, musicians, storytelling, animals and all kinds of activities for the whole family.

Active tourism

You can make walking routes by the massif of Montserrat and explore one of the most emblematic mountains of our land. It is an ideal place to practice climbing and via ferrata. We visit the monastery of Montserrat, see the spectacular panoramic view of Sant Joan and Sant Salvador rocks and the summit of St. Jerome.

You can make the road called "Eyes of the Bages" which refers to the arches of the bridge by the medieval district of Bages. You can also discover different bridges by car can be; bridge Castellbell i el Vilar, Old and New in Manresa, Torroella de Baix, Navarcles, Bages Sant Fruitós of Sallent among others. Approximately 3 hours journey.

You can also visit the caves of Mura in the Parque Natural de Sant Llorenç de Munt i l'Obac, with 200 meters in length. And to continue with the route Mura Farrell, Baga source of Vila and caves. It is a journey of approximately 4 km an hour and a half.

And we can enjoy cycling and the various routes that traverse the region of Bages. You can leave from Manresa, Monistrol Navarcles, Suri ... These trails have difficulty at all levels. It's a different way of living this district and to discover its corners.

Next to Bages ...

Solsona: the capital of the region known for its old town, which maintains the old walled structure and retains three of its former sites and has many points of interest like the old well of ice, the XVI century town hall and the cathedral of Gothic style .

Carnival of Solsona: this massive festival is held from Thursday Gras until Ash Wednesday. Carnival is one of the most emblematic of Catalonia, with an important history and a donkey as a central element. Dances are held figures with large heads, samples, contests. Etc. During the whole week.

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