Solsonès is one of the regions most placid and surprising of Catalonia. Discover small villages, skiing in the Port del Compte or enjoy Solsona...

Region located in the Pre-Pyrenean and centre of Catalonia, this region has a beautiful landscape formed by forests, fields, mountains, etc. Is a region with few villages and a great amount of dispersed rural houses. For this reason Solsonès is named the region of the thousands rural houses. It conserves his folkloric traditions and offers a great cultural heritage, sport activities and an impressive landscape.

Environmental tourist resources:

This county offers variable natural places, due to the variety of climates and altitude above sea level. There are corners of great beauty where the forests, the fields and the water predominate in abundance.

In Coll de Jou, we found a leisure area of Creu del Codó, ideal for all the family and equipped and with barbecue, banks and tables. From here there is a nice path that leads to the viewpoint views on the Vall Lord.

Vall de Lord:
This valley offers a spectacular natural space, with forests mainly of pines, oaks and holm oaks and several sources of water in all the territory like the sources of the Cardener where the river born or the source of the well-known Puda by its curative properties. In the middle of the valley we found the Sanctuary of Lord, place of devotion.

La Ribera Salada:
considered Natural Space of Interest, this river of great beauty crosses the county of Solsonès, and it offers ideal natural places to fish, bath and several picnic zones. It conserves a rich fluvial ecosystem. El Pont del Clop (throat of the Clop) is a recreation zone located between Solsona and Montpol, forming an ideal place to swim and enjoy the nature.

Outstanding routes:

  • By foot: Ruta de les Fonts, Solsona-Olius, Vall d'Ora-Busa, Serra del Verd, Castell de Llanera, Tossal de Cambrils, Santuari de Lord, Roques de Canalda, path GR-3, GR-1, GR -7, ...
  • By car: Valle de Lord, Ribera Salada, La Vall d’Ora,...

Cultural resources:

the capital of the region its famous for his old town, that maintains the old walled structure and conserves three of its old vestibules, also outstand different important points to visit like the old ice well, the city council of century XVI or the cathedral of gothic style.

Diocesan and Local museum of Solsona
: founded on 1896 and at the moment located in the Episcopal Palace (XVIII), this museum shows the patrimony of the diocese like all type of art works and liturgical objects.

Sanctuary del Miracle: located in the municipal term Riner, this religious centre was founded on century XVI and it offers exceptional religious and artistic values, with an altar of great beauty and Catalan baroque style.

Parish of Sant Esteve and modernist cemetery of Olius:
close to Solsona we can find this religious set of Romanesque Lombard style ( XI century) with a typical Romanesque architecture and distribution. Emphasises the Romanesque crypt. Next there is a great modernist cemetery.

St. Llorenç de Morunys
: north of Solsonès we can find this town located in a privileged natural area, exactly in the Valley of Lord. It has a remarkable old town, with the old walls and 4 vestibules. In the Romance parish of St. Llorenç (XI century) we can find a beautiful altarpiece.

Outstanding celebrations and activities:

Carnival of Solsona:
this multitudinal popular celebration is celebrated annually every March or April. Its one of the most emblematic carnivals of Catalonia, with an important history and a hung donkey as the main character. Dances of bigheaded, giants and different characters, contests, shows etc. are celebrated during the the whole week.

Fair of San Isidre, Solsona
: the weekend next to the 15 of May, Solsona celebrates this fair that conserves the rural traditional values of this region. Agriculture and the cattle ranch are the protagonists with samples of cattle, exhibitions and other activities.

Corpus, Solsona: by the second Passover it takes place one of the oldest and wanted events of this city. Celebration that dates from year 1331, the fire and the powder are the element keys.

Festa Major of Solsona:
in the middle of September the greater celebration of Solsona is celebrated. We can find different festive acts with very ingrained folkloric elements in this population as the giants.

Caramelles: during Sunday and Monday of Passover, it is celebrated in different villages and towns of the region. Traditional religious party with typical songs and dances.

Active tourism:

Solsonès is a county where its possible to realise a vast variety of sports. In the Valley of Lord we can find the BTT centre of Solsonès, here we find a welcome point with information, services and more of one hundred km of signalized itineraries all of them of free access. Hikers can enjoy the Ruta dels Catars or the GRs. that passes through the region. Play golf in la Ribera Salada or practice other sports like horse riding, canoeing, escalade, or fishing in the different rivers or dams. Also it is an ideal zone to look for mushrooms in autumn.

Skiing in the station of the Port of the Compte, located 30 km of Solsona. Is a very familiar station with 36 tracks of different levels and ski school.


Near El Solsonès:

Cardona Castle: Situated at the end of a hill with superb views over the city and the lands bathed by the river Cardener, this castle built in the ninth century is one of the medieval fortresses of Romanesque and Gothic most important in Catalonia. 

The salt mines of Cardona: In mines, visitors will descend up to 86 metres below ground, where you will discover the natural heritage, history and the way of working of these salt mines, one of the most outstanding in Europe until the end of the 1990s.

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